Big ideas about faith and culture, contained in twenty-six little letters.


About the blog

Twenty-six letters of the alphabet. Those letters can make infinite combinations, and can contain the grandest writings. But isn’t it beautiful that everyone has access to those same letters?

Twenty-Six Letters is an inventory of ideas, covering all sorts of human thought – including Christian culture, psychology, creativity and society.

Each article is created using my love of research and my faith perspective. What I write is what I find meaningful or fascinating.

Any views expressed are mine and do not represent those of my employers.

About the blogger

Lots may have changed since I began writing as a child, but I’m still using those same twenty-six letters as tools to share ideas.

I’m Cheryl (@chelynmc), a thirty-something writer, born in the US, and living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. My background is in editing and publishing, but after a short foray into book publishing, I am now a full-time copywriter working for a major non-profit in Australia.

I am a humanities junkie and love learning new things – a perfect fit for a writer/editor. You can find me in various places around the internet, including the publications listed here.

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Hope you enjoy checking out my work.